hog belly sandwiches & crispy calamari

Squid & Pig

Squid and Pig together are more than the sum of their parts (and they are pretty great already). Whether it's crispy calamari and spicy chorizo sandwiches; frozen squid shaved into a steaming bowl of asian pork-belly broth; Luke's 18-hour squid, pork shoulder and chorizo stew; or cider pulled pork with apple puree and an unhealthy amount of crackling... the results are pretty good! 

Wherever we take 'Squid and Pig' the queue always begins to form well before lunchtime. We had to develop a special kitchen to cope with the demand for calamari, and we think it's worth it. Book us in for your private party or talk to us about how we can offer you an event catering solution that you won't forget. 


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