At our flagship event we teach you to take apart a whole pig. We'll show you how to braise the cheeks, confit the ears, slow cook the ribs and of course the delicious belly. You will also learn the finest side dishes, things like celeriac puree, perfect crackling and the smoothest apple puree.

Bespoke menus for you and your team and of course all vegetarians and non-pig eaters tastefully cared for.

This is a seriously fun 5 hour event. Whilst the piggy bits do their thing in the oven, we take you and your team on a mixology masterclass and let you loose to create your own bespoke cocktail. 

Back in the kitchen you'll put the finishing touches to your menu, ready for a feast of a dining experience with perfectly-matched wines selected by our in-house sommelier. The evening ends in a goodnight toast and a celebration of the noble beast.